Harem member: With Keith ‘no forgivenesss, acceptance or tolerance’


I asked a harem member: Do you think he is a loving person?

She said: No, not in the way that I see love: I think that he cares for things, for people, for concepts. The way I see love is personal. He is not loving.  In every loving person when he sees something wrong there comes a point where loving overcomes the problem and everybody grows.  Keith’s method is a very black and white system of punishment. I don’t think he is loving. I don’t know what to call it. In his harem  they call it compassionate.  But what good is it to understand a person if you don’t accept them? No I don’t think he’s a loving person.

I asked: Would you say he’s a cruel person?

Harem member: Maybe I am biased because of my relationship with him. There are a lot of occasions where I would call his actions cruel. He would say things to me,  attributing the wrong meanings of my beliefs or attributing wrong intentions of my actions – his misunderstanding – applied in the wrong way to make it appear as though something was wrong.

Keith is a dangerous guy in an unsuspecting way.  I would not advise a woman to be in a relationship with him. I know he can be very charming in an intellectual way, but not in a romantic way. His way of living and treating women, what women get out of the relationship is not good. It is not good for a person to have to be “healed”  in that way.  I think he means to harm people. I think he is so radical in the way he has built his worldview, his ethics, his view of right and wrong. It is so black and white. It can be very hurtful to people around him.

Of course none of the black and white rules apply to himself: those very punishing, very cause and effect punishment apply to other people, not him.

Other people might have to spend years in their room like Daniela to make things right, or like Ivy might have to grow their hair long, do any kind of activities to pay for their supposed offense – even if they are ridiculous in the extreme.

But none of this applies to him.  That is why it is very unhealthy for someone to associate with him: he is someone who does not see himself like any other person.

He is above you and that is – in his hands – since he is cruel and not loving a recipe for disaster.

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