Names of alleged harem members will be named

After hearing from a number of readers and sources including ex harem members, I have chosen to continue to name alleged harem members – as I have been doing.

This is not to shame or embarrass or hurt victims but to recognize the possibility that the harem members are co-conspirators and enablers of the enterprises of Keith Raniere.

Without their active participation, he would not be able to hurt and punish others unjustly.

So they live in a grey area of being both victims and predators.

Some more than others.

All have a place of refuge. All can escape. A network is in place now to help those who want to escape from Raniere.

Those who stay for the money they are being paid are not only greedy but foolish.

Those who escape soon may be able to escape prosecution when and if the “fall” takes place through law enforcement. [Stay tuned on that.]

The early out will be the ones spared.

Those who stay because they are terrified of Raniere must try to ascertain the validity of a safe escape. It is possible and help is available.

I can be reached to help you make an informed decision. 716-990-5740 or You need not identify yourself to speak with me.

I will make no attempt to learn your identity until you volunteer it yourself.

Those who are hypnotized into believing that Raniere is not mentally ill and is in fact an ethical man are invited to read all the posts on this blog for another perspective.

No one is saying Raniere is all wrong, or that his teachings are all wrong.

But “a little sugar coating of untruth spoils everything” and Raniere has more than a mere sugar coating.

I am convinced that my friend Keith Raniere is mentally ill. He is also trapped into the monster he has created.

Time is running out.

I urge him also to get help. I will be available to help him too – when and if he comes for help.

Meantime, alleged harem members will be named.

Anyone of them is welcome to contact me and dispute what is written. Everything is based on sources, my own personal information, reported information or court filings.

And some of it is opinion.

If something is factually untrue – or you have an alternative opinion – I urge you to contact me and set the record straight.

I will respond immediately.

This of course includes Keith Raniere.

Keith – if anything is untrue – I urge you – please contact me – or have one of your harem members contact me – and let me know  how, why and what is untrue.

You may feel free to listen in secretly.





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