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Reader: Raniere can never suffer from an “ethical breach”


@INCOGNITO. The below comment taken from the above thread makes the same point:

anonymous said……………….That’s why one has to be wary of the possibility that the people posting the nasty comments and attacking members are the inner core of the cult itself, including the duplicitous Raniere. A cult leader lives by one rule only, and that is whatever furthers his agenda. There is no concept of submitting to a higher set of standards or principles that when broken, can be used *against* the self. It’s why Raniere can never suffer from an “ethical breach” even when it’s obvious to others that he breaks rules that he requires those lesser than him to adhere to, e.g. “Why does it matter if Raniere is sleeping around and you didn’t know about it? He’s the most ethical man in the world. Do you own his penis?” Having a different set of rules is not a problem. However, the leader is supposed to be held to a higher standard and have stricter obligations and harsher punishment when broken, if the rules are different. The rules aren’t supposed to dynamically change at whim.

Cults also live by two sets of ethical standards. One for outsiders and even their own members, and one for their followers, i.e. inner core.

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