Readers’ comments on Rank by Colored Sashes


Has this guy [Keith Raniere] come up with anything on his own?

NXIVM is an MLM, the model of which he got from Amway, and its content is a pseudo mix of Scientology, New Age mumbo jumbo, and Ayn Rand’s objectivism.

Even the sashes and ranks based on color with additional stripes are ripped off from graduation ceremonies and martial arts along with the bowing and taking off of shoes prior to a class.



Purple sash- Barbara Jeske (RIP) is deceased, Sara Bronfman-Igtet ‘green’ was on sabbatical after her marriage and birth of her first child. Unknown if she has returned to the flock as an active coach. The others [high ranking green and purple sash] are assumed to all be active based on the Bouchey/Keeffe phone transcript and titles on various ESPIAN/NXIVM related websites.



Artists’s conception: If you sell enough new members into NXIVM you will have a tendency to rise higher in rankings.

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