Reader: Raniere will not contact me except to sue; I respond …

A reader by the name of ‘HE’S A FRAUD’ responds to my  “I WRITE TO KEITH RANIERE AT HIS PURPORTED EMAIL”

“He’s a fraud. He’s going to sue you through his pimp women with money. He’s an conceited pussy who wears the mask of a humble man. Don’t expect any form of contact except via a subpoena or contact with lawyers. The only way to deal with sociopaths is to cut yourself completely off from them. But ask Toni Natalie if that helped. That’s why [Kristin] Keefe is gone and hid herself far away from him.”


My response is this: I recognize that it is likely that Keith Raniere or someone of his harem will sue me. This might be quite a break for me since discovery may open up a floodgate of possibilities and get the truth out about him and certain frauds out in the open.

Is he a sociopath? That’s what people say about him. It may be true.

He is a very rich – tax free – sociopath if he is indeed a sociopath.

All I have to fight him with is truth, which is a defense in libel.

A vigorous discovery will follow. There will be key probing on all topics of interest widely addressed and quite a bit else. The shoe may be on the other foot. Where Raniere uses litigation to break his enemies, his libel lawsuit will be used to break his secretive and potentially criminal life – and we shall closely investigate the truth of everything that has been written here and moreover dive into much much more.

And of course this will elevate the battle for truth.

If he is truthful he wins, if he is dishonest he loses.

Naturally I am not looking for a lawsuit, but he has started a war on me for reasons I cannot comprehend. And he has millions at his disposal.

All I have is the truth.

Who will win, I don’t know, but I clearly can’t back down when a dishonest man tries to bully me.  I have no choice but to stand and fight- armed with the truth.

Perhaps we do not have to fight. Perhaps short of his ruination he can amend his activities and stop hurting others. I hope so.

From brotherhood of enemies to brotherhood of friends, that’s the goal.

Do I have to flog him first?, I don’t know.



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  • Mr Parlato you do not need friends like Keith Raniere. A pathological liar and a narcissistic sociopath is incapable of being rehabilitated and you can’t be friends with someone incapable of forming meaningful, lasting relationships. From the outside looking in he appears as a manipulative con-artist, a puppeteer controlling the strings of his harem. He is not ethical or a humanitarian, he is EVIL

    In 2003 Forensic Psychiatrist John Hochman evaluated ESP/NXIVM,

    Lets not pussyfoot around and play nice, NXIVM IS A CULT and Keith Raniere is the cult leader.

    We live in a country governed by the constitution that gives us the first amendment right to Free Speech. Continue to exercise it. Keep hitting Raniere in his cajones.

    I do not think you will get a response to your letter. It will be turned over to one of the attorneys for NXIVM aka Clare Bronfman.They will laugh in their offices, privately mocking NXIVM and Clare behind her back all while gleefully counting dollar signs as this will be a new source of billable hours for them.

  • Amends? LOL. This guy isn’t going to make amends for anything he’s done. Lifetime con artists don’t make amends even after the fall. What he needs is for justice to be served. But he has is control of millions of dollars because of two naive women and money buys almost everything in this morally failing society.

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

Frank Report is dedicated to Frank's investigative journalism and the pursuit of truth.

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