I write to Keith Raniere at his purported email

Keith Raniere claims to have invented teleconferencing.

I post my email for anyone in the world to see. It is frankparlato@gmail.com.

I also freely give out my phone number: It is 716-990-5740.

On the other hand, Keith Raniere is a very private – public figure.

However I was informed today that his email address is: keithraniere@yahoo.com .

I am eager – in the interest of truth – to have him comment on this website and in my other publications.  Today I wrote him this email:

Under a subject of: Greetings

Dear Keith;

We have not spoken directly since 2008 and I wanted to use this opportunity to reopen a dialogue with you that at one time was very friendly.

Would you be willing to speak with me – on or off the record?

While I am making the contents of this email public, your response will be confidential unless you choose otherwise. Even the fact of your responding I will keep confidential if you choose.

While I still consider you my friend, I have criticized you lately because I think you have strayed far from the goals that you, and others in your name, espouse.

I also know that you are trying to punish me. I assume this is because I uncovered fraud in the Los Angeles real estate deal – a deal that you put together – that cost the Bronfman sisters at least $10 million – but probably much more like $20 million plus by now.

I am not criticizing you for trying to punish me. It does not lie in your power to punish or hurt me, for I have done you nothing but good.

You cannot punish those who have helped you try as you might. You can only punish yourself in the attempt. That is my firm belief.

And I have been nothing but a friend to you. If I disrupted a fraud or embarrassed a stupid scheme in Los Angeles your attempts to punish me can only backfire on you.

But that doesn’t end my friendship with you. I am a compassionate man [or try to be] and I know you are erring.

I will give you the benefit of the doubt, that perhaps you made a mistake and referred the Bronfman sisters into a losing, fraudulent Los Angeles deal and that you may not have played a role in the actual fraud that was committed.

You were perhaps as surprised as I was about the fraud being perpetrated by the partner you recommended to the Bronfmans.

Of course it was unjust of you for firing me because I exposed the fraud and I admit it is suspicious. You should have rewarded me with honor and a show of friendship for what I did to uncover the fraud against the Bronfmans instead of trying to punish me.

But that will all come out in due course of time.

In addition I still don’t know if you participated in a fraudulent scheme with that same partner in Los Angeles – as you oversaw the loss of $65.7 million of the Bronfman’s money in commodities losses.

Was it just your blunder and bad business sense or did you swindle the Bronfman sisters?

I don’t expect you to answer. That will all come out too. Your attempt at punishing me is actually the road that will lead to discovery.

Nevertheless you were my friend once and are still a friend. I don’t abandon anyone. I may have to expose you – but it is not to hurt you, but to help you.  You will never succeed by being dishonest. The longer you pursue a dishonest path – no matter how many adoring harem devotees you have – the day will come when the truth will crack your world in twain.

Keith, I honestly believe that you need help. Not necessarily my help, but you do need help.  Then you can shine and be the person that some people believe you really are.

Of course I could be wrong. Perhaps you really are the Vanguard and I don’t get it. I don’t get the attempts to punish ex-lovers. I don’t get the desire to imprison people. I don’t get the super secrecy of the alleged truth you say you have – withholding teaching that could heal people. I don’t get the money you lost of the Bronfmans. I don’t get the claims you make on your bio that seem almost certainly false.

If I am wrong – and you are really a compassionate Vanguard – perhaps you would be good enough to explain yourself.

I am told by a source that you are researching ways to shut down my blog and get me to stop publishing information about you and NXIVM/Executive Success Programs. I don’t know if that is true or not.  It follows a pattern of previous efforts on your part to use the law and the color of law to silence enemies.

You may recall that I advised you not to do this – to let people enjoy the First Amendment. And I said that if you have a truth to tell, it can never be stopped by others.

You don’t need to silence critics. Critics bring you dignity by the exchange of ideas.  And there are other ways of making money other than selling vital essential human knowledge to suffering people.

In any event, I have received a lot of information that I have not published because it is not fair not to get your side of it. I have tried several times to get your comments and solicit your input. If ultimately you do not choose to communicate with me – I will still try to get your voice included.

Would you consider talking to me? This is an open and standing invitation.

Regards and in friendship;

Frank Parlato


Such was my email sent today [2-6-2016] to Keith Raniere. It remains to be seen if he responds and if he does respond if he will allow his responses to be made public.


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He's A Fraud
He's A Fraud
7 years ago

He’s a fraud. He’s going to sue you through his pimp women with money. He’s an conceited pussy who wears the mask of a humble man. Don’t expect any form of contact except via a subpoena or contact with lawyers. The only way to deal with sociopaths is to cut yourself completely off from them. But ask Toni Natalie if that helped. That’s why Keefe is gone and hid herself far away from him.

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Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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