Keith Raniere is the Vanguard, the most ethical teacher to his followers. They never stop to wonder if there is another more personal side to Mr, Raniere.

Another woman speaks out: ‘I thought he was insane’

A woman who I will call “Lisa” told me about yet another woman who Raniere slept with, a woman I will call “Mary.”

According to Lisa, Mary was referred to Keith by Nancy Salzman who had been counseling Mary.

Lisa said: “Nancy Salzman knew Mary’s’ vulnerabilities because she had counseled her and Nancy helped abuse Mary and helped destroy her. Together they did destroy her. Together Nancy and Keith conspired to get her to sleep with Keith. Then they took control of her life.”

Mary declined to talk to me other than to say that Raniere did try to destroy her and that she has left NXIVM/Executive Success Programs (ESP).

I asked Lisa, what about you?

Lisa admitted that she too slept with Keith. She said, “With me he used Pam Cafritz. Her come on line was ‘it is spiritual sex’. Pam was advocating that I should stop resisting his advances, giving me the green light. Keith said Pam is his ‘heart love.’  It scared me and that was my response.  It did not seem like spiritual sex, it seemed like polygamy.  I though he was insane. He wanted to take control of my life. He took control of Mary’s life and he tried to destroy her.”

Did he destroy your life? I asked Lisa.

“No. Keith is a monster but I got out early.”

Mary did not and is paying the price today, Lisa says,



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  • Truly the only way Salzman and Raniere can be stopped is by those harmed taking a stand together via a Class-action law-suit against NXIVM. Reaching out to Peter Skolnik who is handling Ross vs Nxivm pro-bono might be a first step towards a path to ending the madness. Even coming forward to Mr Parlato is a giant step. Kristin or Barb if you are reading this, you both seem to have the ability to turn the tables and launch a counter-offensive. If Bill Cosby’s women can come forward to the media years later and expose him, so can you. Time to peel away the layers of the NXIVM onion.

  • Someone needs to lay a can of whoop-ass on these people since the law is being manipulated via their access to large amounts of cash to prevent them from being brought to a court of justice instead of just the court of public opinion. If even an attempt was made by Keith and his pimp women to move on a female in my family I would beat the **** out of him. But that would probably happen after my brother did since he can get a temper on him and he has two daughters so he most likely would’ve done it first.



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