Reader: Raniere has good scam going; litigiousness preserves it

A reader writes: I’m not an expert in psychology, but this guy [Keith Raniere] seems like a sociopath. He has no sense of shame, feeling guilt, or remorse for anything.

These type of people really don’t care about what others think of them and so they keep on doing whatever they are doing. It is only when they are exposed for their shenanigans that they care what others think of them because it keeps them from doing what they want to be doing with other people. That’s why you see this continuous litigation at his behest behind the scenes attacking his now enemies who used to be former insiders like Natalie, Bouchey, Dones, etc.

They expose behavior that will threaten his (false) image and so negatively affect and eventually bring down what he wants to keep on doing. He’s got a good scam going. Can’t have anyone mess it up for him!

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