Clare Bronfman now runs NXIVM using her wealth and cruelty to keep the slaves inside the cult. She is perhaps "too big for prison." And she certainly was for the Western District of New York's DOJ.

Reader: ‘Stupid ass Clare with 11th grade education allowing her fortune to be pissed away’

A reader writes: I don’t know how much of it is the influence of money, as it is the lawyers seeing $$$ signs when Clare shows up at their doorsteps with a new lawsuit.
She allows them to make bank.
Stupid ass Clare with the 11th grade education is allowing her fortune to be pissed away. It would be quite funny if it wasn’t sad and a disgrace to the Bronfman family name.
Although, apparently the Canadians are pissed at the Bronfmans for dodging taxes on the family trusts when they were moved out of Canada.
We can be grateful that his inner circle has not reproduced a coven of children. When all is said and done NXIVM, at least the crazy part of it, will go down when their “Vanguard” croaks.
John Tighe make comments on the SID blog that Kristin Keeffe was not faithful to Rainere and I am sure he picked that up from the comments made on the blog. Comments were often made about her sleeping around and with the police etc. and that bought NXIVM protection. It also probably helped her get out of NXIVM.
And you have to wonder is Gaelen even Raniere’s kid?  There were also comments on the blog made that he (Raniere)  was sterile…..
His harem is aging: Jeske is deceased (she “retired” and then poof she was dead with no mention; weird don’t you think – childless). You mentioned Cafritz being of poor health (childless) Karen U (childless)  Kristin Keeffe is gone – one child. He lost the NXIVM 9 (all childless and out of his sphere of influence. They were a mix of straight and lesbian women)   Esther Chiappone had four kids  (one takes out lots of domain names for NXIVM), Ivy Nevares (childless unless you know otherwise) and the Fernandez girls (no known offspring yet).
I believe Nancy Salzman (two daughters both involved with NXIVM) had some form of cancer and didn’t she say Raniere helped cure her? Lets see what happens if there is a recurrence and she refuses treatment.
How many of his nuts and berry eating vegan Stepford wives have had eating disorders and now will be prone to Osteoporosis along with other health issues.
Is Clare (childless) going to finance group health insurance and long term care for her cult brothers and sisters?.
Does NXIVM even offer benefits? Would be nice if a series of questions could be asked and some ex or current Nxian would feed you information.

I am kind of surprised that no one, after all these years, like some enraged father has not gone after Raniere. But the day will come when some loved one of someone with real mob connections, or who belongs to a hacking collective, or the money runs out, will get the full dirt and go to the authorities.
For all we know the wheels are already in motion and it is happening now.

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