Raniere might have ‘perfectly good intentions’ in teaching teen girls

DOE wrote further to clarify:  “I didn’t say Kreuk formed [the teen girl’s website] on the basis of [Raniere’s] advice. She had perfectly good intentions to do so: to help teen girls. This was done in 2008 well before the 2012 TU article exposed Raniere’s behavior so Kristin didn’t know anything about the fraud. I said imagine if he tried to get involved with it and started to give advice.”
While Does’ point is fair, Kreuk was involved in NXIVM since at least 2006. She made a command performance for him at the A Cappella Innovations event – which critics said was done as a front to lure college kids to Raniere.
It is not far fetched that Kreuk may have tried to start a teen website in 2008 to help share with girls the fantastic knowledge she got from Raniere, not necessarily knowing that Raniere is/was a pedophile and a statutory rapist.
It is also possible that Raniere advised her to start the website or encouraged her.
And also possible that Raniere hoped to get some young teen girls into NXIVM, maybe some of them from wealthy families and maybe some of them stunning beauties in the making – which he could guide by aiding in their deflowering.
In Mexico the age of consent is 12. Other countries range from 13 upward. I suspect the ancient unwritten law was puberty.  Raniere has often demonstrated he is above the law, thinks he is smarter than law, and his followers believe what he does ought to be law.
Giving Raniere the benefit of the doubt – despite society’s law against it, he may actually believe that a Vanguard having sex with a 13 or 14 year old girl is the best thing that could happen to her. Better by far for him to introduce to a freshly pubescent teen who is about to have sex with some dolt of a 16 year-old boy – who is sloppy and unskillful and unwise – that his Vanguardian wisdom is far better for the nubile youth.
Raniere may indeed believe that he can guide the child into womanhood. As in “this girl is a woman now.”
While we know the names of the women who felt they were raped by him – we do not know the names of the girls he deflowered who have not yet publicly complained,
There may be some – among his harem today – who he deflowered at an age below legal consent.  Tomorrow he may deflower another young virgin. And do it intending to teach.
You and I may feel disgust and revulsion. That he is not helping a teen by raping her, but much more likely stealing something precious from her.
But he may, like Doe says of Kreuk, have perfectly good intentions.
Or on the other hand, he may be just a sleaze ball who has no concern whatsoever about anyone other than himself.  As he says “he who has the most joy wins.”
Bullying 2008.pmd
But what if her Vanguard is 55?

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  • Some comments of the YouTube video titled “Keith Raniere idiot” about Keith:

    truvelocity: He takes money and misappropriates it. He’s a thug. Bull shit artist. Sociopath. Douche.

    eTemplarHunger: this guy should rent himself out to farms and just open his mouth and spread cheap manure if he wants to do some good in this world. ive never heard someone so simultaneously full of both himself AND bullshit… this guy thanks god every day for gullible suckers with deep pockets and low self esteem. what a piece of shit. Kieth, vanguard Vangoofball, whatever your fucking name is, pray to the real God that I never encounter you alone in a dark OR well light alley way.

    Search for the video on YouTube and watch it. He basically waves his arms all over the place and says effectively nothing. This excessive arm movement must be some sort of underhanded technique because it serves no obvious purpose except distraction. Also, how does he have the gall to talk about how children should be raised? He tried to hide the fact that he had a son. Just wow.

    Notice how he says life is a gift. A gift granted by a giver entails no obligations or responsibilities in return from the receiver. Who says life is just a gift? Who says we don’t have intrinsic obligations and responsibilities?

    That’s the way he lives his life. Just like he told Bouchey when she requested a return of her money he said something like “I thought it was a gift.” Like he doesn’t have to answer to anybody except himself. He will be sorely mistaken.

  • I believe Kreuk was driven by good intentions to help teen girls increase their self-esteem because she had mentioned that she suffered from some of the same type of issues when she was at that age. Perhaps that is what led her to the human potential movement in general, and specifically NXIVM, in the first place.

    Cults are layered like an onion. On the surface, they’re just like any other harmless group. It’s when you get to the inner core that they become known for what they truly are as the 2012 TU article exposed.

    I don’t believe Raniere has any intention other than self-indulgence. Only a person without a conscience can manipulate people and blow through $150 million of someone else’s money without qualms.

    • Girls by design was a brain child or part of a brain child of NXIVM. I was around the Cult at the time it was being g developed and overheard Nancy Salzman talk about it more than once. Kreuk even stayed at Salzmans house (it’s what they did to attempt to brain wash these people) when planning Girls by design out.
      I don’t think Kreuk knew what the man behind d the curtain had plan for her or her young girls.
      I haven’t been around for a long time. I hope she got out and stays as far away from the cult as she can. They will bleed every penny she has ever made out of her & tell her being an actor is a bad thing. Look at Alison Mac, what a sucker she is, they have her hook, line & by her bank account.

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