More on Holland, wife and Raniere

This was posted on reddit about one month ago  by [–]pallergosterfleg .

It references one of my articles published in Artvoice and talks more about Jim Holland, his wife and the Vanguard:

Another article just came out about Raniere’s harem (which is suspiciously coincidental to all the activity going on here).

From reading the author’s other recent articles he has a severe bone to pick with Raniere. But the facts are straight as far as I can tell and they go pretty much with my findings. Holland and his wife are both mentioned in the article. On a side note, based on what I know about Raniere, I would say that there is a solid chance that this author is going to wind up in court over the material he has written. It takes courage to say some of those things but I think that he may not have checked with lawyers before going for it. If you are one of the other posters here, which I am pretty confident you are, I would advise that you be careful.

I have heard that Analea Holland is one of Raniere’s “favorites”. She perfectly fits the image of the Raniere ideal woman, long dark hair, skinny. The person who gave me this information said Mrs. Holland became a vegetarian after Raniere insisted, which is a common Raniere request. She met Raniere before she met Holland. She was reportedly a single mother which is another of Raniere’s target qualities. After she met Holland she recruited him into NXIVM and it is said that he has dumped millions of his Back Country earnings into the cult.

My source also said that Mrs. Holland is actively still sexual with Raniere and that her husband “goes along with it”. It would seem that Mr. Holland also enjoys some of the sexual benefits of the cult however, with other female members. From what I have been told this type of thing happens all the time among the Raniere “elite”.

I have no proof of any of this of course. But I have heard this and this and similar stories so many times from credible independent sources that it is hard not to believe. I have been doing this for years and if there is one thing you learn it is that if you hear something enough times it usually is pretty close to the truth. Most of the time its right on the money.

I did a search and found some of Mrs. Holland’s JNess testimonials taken when she was still using her [?] maiden name De La Fuente. The thing I immediately noticed was the forced emotion. This is common in my research. You can also see it in many of the other testimonial videos. I would bet my reputation that it is rehearsed although they would not describe it as such.

Disclaimer: I am an investigator who has been researching Raniere, ESP, NXIVM, and the other organizations for many years. I also do clinical and academic research surrounding other cults and “highly persuasive and influential” religious organizations. I run a non-profit that helps families “de-program” cult members. I have helped several people get away from NXIVM, ESP, and the Raniere/Salzman influence. I am not going to advertise here (for many ethical, professional, and legal reasons), but I thought some of you would want to know my background.

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