Insider: ‘Help’ Backcountry’s Jim Holland Get out of NXIVM

S@#T YOU CAN’T MAKE UP writes:

But Jim is going to have a tough road. Because Jim has lost his sense of self. It is now tied up in the hierarchy of the cult. The cult is his normal. Sure he created a successful start-up company with Remember Jim, you learned to be successful in that UVM entrepreneurship class, not in an NXIVM intensive.

Jim probably has too much time and money on his hands because he now only has an ownership interest in

holland was founded in 1996 with a $2,000 out-of-pocket investment by lifetime friends Jim Holland (l) and John Bresee.  Headquarters‎: ‎West Valley City Products‎: ‎Outdoor gear Number of employees‎: ‎1200+ Founded‎: ‎1996

From Bicycle Retailer July 2015:

One thought on “Insider: ‘Help’ Backcountry’s Jim Holland Get out of NXIVM

  1. It’s ironic how Raniere talks about parasitic lifestyles of suppressives. Terminology he’s ripped off from Scientology. Yet he’s the biggest parasite of them all, feeding upon those who have the largest amounts of money that can allow him to do nothing all day, try to pimp more women into his cult, and fuck all night.


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