Snarky Readers Blast Bronfman ‘Greatness’ Post!

Wait a second. I think that’s how he measures “greatness” of all of the woman in his eyes. Well, perhaps also how easily they can spread their legs too.


Janet writes:

Raniere’s women say, “Oh uh-uh, wait a minute! Wait a minute! Just because I follow Raniere does not mean I fuck Raniere. Which is true. Just because they follow Raniere doesn’t mean they fuck Raniere. But readers, you must understand that is a matter of mixed messages. I am pretty sure you cannot find too many women who he found attractive that followed him that he did not fuck. Period.

And that includes Clare Bronfman – though do you think perhaps the money might have had a little to do with making her seem more attractive? Just asking.

Donut Hole writes:

I can imagine the first conversation Keith Raniere had with Clare Bronfman, who, when they met, was training to be an Olympic equestrian jumper.

Raniere with his clever way said softly, but deliberately: “Well, I’m partial to whores.”
Clare whips her toward him like a weather-vane in a hurricane. Her eyes are enormous, like artichokes, and such a dark fury they are nearly purple. Her mouth dropped, and the lower lip was quivering with shock or… or…
“Whor… whores…?” she choked out the word as if she’d just inhaled it like bad cigar smoke.
He widened his own eyes with alarm, and with a cleverness said, “I beg your pardon -Clare – ‘Horses.’ I’m partial to horses. I do wonder what is on your mind if that’s what you heard.”

And do you know what Clare’s standard and now famous quote is when her family, old friends and her trustees confronted her about Keith Raniere?

“I think I am able to distinguish between those who love me and those who love my money.”


She would add sometimes, “Keith really loves me. Only Keith knows how to really love. Others just make a show of love for gain. He is the only one who loves me unselfishly. And not for my money.”

So there you people who think Raniere is selfish, and loves Clare for her money, you heard it from the whore’s, I mean the horse’s mouth.

Or is it another part of the horse’s anatomy?

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