Reader has questions: It appears Raniere lied on his bio; how would anyone be so stupid as to follow him?

A reader asks questions:

I have a series of questions for you.

  1. It is pretty evident that based on his bio Keith Raniere is a gall darned liar. Isn’t he supposed to be teaching truth?
  2. Are these women so enamored of his love making that they ignore his stupid lies?
  3. Is there really such a stupid gullible girl as Clare Bronfman or are you making this up about her losing $100 million? No one could be that stupid.
  4. If it is true, why haven’t the authorities investigated this matter?
  5. Does Raniere – an odd looking rascal if ever I saw one – does he really have a harem of women slave morons?
  6. Are you making this up?
  7. Can you name the woman and their sub-par IQ’s?
  8. How come he said that his own son was not his son?
  9. Did the boy look like him?
  10. How come the mother fled with the son?
  11. Did the Bronfmans report the money they gave to Raniere?
  12. Did Raniere sleep with underage women?
  13. What does he do to his followers to make them believe that he is an ethical man?
  14. Who hunts down their ex-lovers for years over bullshit like going on a computer that 100’s have the password for?
  15. How come there isn’t a special prosecutor looking into Raniere’s computer trespassing?
  16. When will the Bronfman sisters stop enabling him?
  17. And last but not least, Raniere lied on his bio; how would anyone be so stupid as to follow him?


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[…] reader took the time to make some intelligent comments on a series of questions another reader asked about Keith Raniere and the people who follow […]

Amanda Hugginkis
Amanda Hugginkis
7 years ago

Allison Mack has become the official celebrity recruiter for Jness. Last night she tweeted Emma Watson to talk to her about joining. Yeah, I’m sure such a feminist personality would want to join a group indirectly led by a someone who told a twelve year old girl who he was to tutor that she should hug with her pelvis like an adult and then proceeded to have sex with her over sixty times when he was over thirty.

S@#T you can't make up....
S@#T you can't make up....
7 years ago

All really good questions which the Parlato report, the Times Union Series from 2012 “Secrets of NXIVM” and other articles like “The Heiresses and the Cult” and “Poor Little Rich Girls” all attempt to answer. Plus there is also a plethora of the court documents uploaded on line at This is how much of the info on the failed real estate deals and the commodities losses were revealed. Cult Tracker Rick Ross also has links to many of the articles over the years at his Cult Education Institute website.

You can file this under S#$t you cant make up. I do not think the girls have sub-par IQs at all. What they do have is low self-esteem or confused sense of self (note this is my opinion only, my BA in Psychology does not make me an expert!). If you understand how cults or Large Group Awareness Training groups work you can come to realize how someone may come to rely on the group think or cult rather then their own free will.

NXIVM is basically a rip-off of Scientology, Werner Erhard’s EST now known as Landmark or the Forum, Dale Carnegie, Ayn Randian philosophy: Rational Individualization and any other life coaching plan out there. It is no wonder that Rational Inquiry is patent pending because there really isn’t anything new or unusual in there. other then it also has a patent for colored sashes!! I am not going to even attempt to decipher what it is attempting to do in the course of this comment.

NXIVM has been accused of practicing therapy without a license and not having mental health professionals available at their sessions. There have been known instances of attendees having mental breakdowns and even psychotic breaks which have been publicized. One technique used to is Neuro-Linguistic Progamming. I have read that Nancy Salzman studied NLP but I do not know if she has any credentials in the area.

Sorry if this raises more questions then gives answers. As Mr Parlato, mentioned in a post a lot of readers are intrigued by how nutty and bizarre this all sounds. How can this happen or even be allowed to happen? I live in the middle of cult central so many of the names you are reading about are my neighbors. Honestly, Keith doesn’t look weird at all. He looks like any other 55 year old man you would see walking down the street, the women are all thin and attractive. And he does surround himself with women but I have never seen him with what I would consider a teenager out walking. I have only seen him walk with one man and that was Mark Vicente and probably a few years ago. Yes, I have seen him walk with Alison Mack but also not in a few years. Alison co-bought a town home in the development a few years ago but does not reside in it to the best of my knowledge.

I am going to leave with one final question…. This is from the NLP website

“The people who are most effective are the ones who have a map of the world that allows them to perceive the greatest number of available choices and perspectives. NLP is a way of enriching the choices that you have and perceive as available in the world around you. Excellence comes from having many choices. Wisdom comes from having multiple perspectives”.

If you embrace or adapt NXIVM (or any one single belief system) as your way of life aren’t you limiting yourselves to other opportunities?

Not eXamples In Virtues/Morals
Not eXamples In Virtues/Morals
7 years ago

Be careful. If you ask too many “parasitic” questions, you’ll negatively affect his energy levels because he’s such a sensitive super spiritual being and all his women will cry.

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