Raniere bio: designed to weed out intelligent people and attract the naive and stupid


It is quite possible that Keith Raniere has designed his bio on his website http://www.keithraniere.com to purposely weed out critical thinkers and sharp, intelligent people.

He wants believers. Followers.

His bio is full of wild claims and boasts without substantiation. Not a footnote, not a supporting fact or an eyewitness account.

Hardly a facts, no dates, no important clarification. Mainly boasts and self acclamation.

And plenty of lies by omission.

Any scholar, or serious thinker would turn away for its evident lack of basic biographical data required to establish credibility. Raniere’s bio is devoid of credibility.

Maybe it’s not meant to have credibility. Not with intelligent people.  He is not fishing for intelligent people.

He is not a stupid man.  He must know that no one with real intelligence would buy this gibberish.  He needs the type who, as the joke goes, “it you believe that, I have some swampland in Florida to sell you.”

Take your time. Examine his bio [reprinted below for your convenience or visit www.keithraniere.com.]  Ask yourself, was this silliness done on purpose?

Did he deliberately establish his own, untruthful legend of himself as a child prodigy, athlete, scientist, businessman, truth seeker turned prophet, a Buddha, simply to troll for the unwitting and easily fooled, emotional followers who will set aside reason to become disciples?

For instance, his bio claims he was an East Coast Judo champion. But he does not give the date he won, the place, the division, the person he defeated.  Any time anybody credibly claims they are a champion of any serious competition they provide detail – if for no other reason than to show it will stand verification.  Raniere does not invite verification. He invites believers. Uncritical believers.

He knows not everyone will believe his stories so he seeks the kind of person who will believe lies if they comes with a golden promise: “I will teach you.” I will save you.” “I will take care of you.” “I will love you.” “I will do everything for you.”

He seeks the weak. In mind and spirit.

Many of Raniere’s claims obviously cannot stand verification. Some cannot be verified. Some can be verified and proven to be lies. Some are irrelevant. Some are half true. Many are lies by omission. Some is persuasive, language used to get the feeble minded to want to join his cult and worship him as superior. For this they will pay: money, or work for free for him, or sleep with him.

The claims in his bio, of course, are not intended to be verified.  The person who would want to verify it – someone keenly interested in being taught by a truthful man – is not someone Raniere would ever want.

He wants dummies and followers.  And he has them.

He wants the woman who, even when she finds out he has lied to her, has been lying for years on something she cherished, she believes his next lie as in, for instance, “I lied to you for your own good.”


Read his bio (below) and ask yourself was this designed to weed out intelligent people and attract the naive and stupid:

The first paragraph is pure BS and is divided into two parts, generic boast about his many fields of expertise and unverifiable whoppers to establish himself as a child prodigy. Use of words meant to confuse when simpler words are readily available.

Scientist, mathematician, philosopher, entrepreneur, educator, inventor and author Keith Raniere has devoted his life to studying the human psychodynamic and developing new tools for human empowerment, expression and ethics. From early childhood, he demonstrated astounding gifts, which were nurtured by his parents and subsequent mentors. By the age of one, he could construct full sentences and questions; he was able to read by the age of two. An autodidact, he directed his learning abilities to learning itself, studying its science and art in order to find optimized learning strategies and methodologies. Applying this skill to athletics, Keith Raniere excelled in judo and was an East Coast Judo Champion at age eleven. He also excelled in numerous other sports including volleyball, tennis, table tennis, diving, softball, cycling and skiing. By the age of twelve, he taught himself to play piano at the concert level; his passion and aptitude for music would inspire him to master many other musical instruments. He taught himself high school mathematics in nineteen hours at the age of twelve; only one year later, he was proficient in third-year college mathematics and was a professional computer programmer.

The second paragraph my be true and should be verified. 

Keith Raniere entered Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) at age sixteen. From his first semester onward, he began taking Ph.D. level mathematics courses, ultimately taking most of the graduate-level physics and mathematics courses available at the time. Upon graduating, he became RPI’s first triple major, earning degrees in mathematics, biology and physics, with minors in philosophy and psychology, and an expertise in computer science.

The third paragraph is almost entirely BS with clever lying by omission.  And WILL NOT STAND SCRUTINY!

Noted as one of the world’s top three problem solvers, Keith Raniere was honored in 1989 by the Guinness Book of World Records in the category of highest IQ. He has an estimated problem-solving rarity of one in 425,000,000 with respect to the general population. He has intellectual patents pending in the areas of human potential and ethics, expression, voice and musical training, athletic performance, commerce, education and learning, information processing and human modeling. He also holds several technological patents on computer inventions and a sleep guidance system.

The fourth paragraph is a stunning lie which is easily verified as a lie.

As an entrepreneur, Keith Raniere transformed a five-person organization into a corporation of nearly 400,000 in a mere two years. His company, Consumers’ Buyline, Inc., was responsible for an estimated one billion dollars in product and service sales in its second full year of business and was featured on the American Spotlight. A millionaire at the age of thirty, Keith Raniere was worth $50 million only two years later.

The fifth paragraph is some fact, mainly opinion, with large exaggeration.

In 1998, Keith Raniere founded Executive Success Programs, Inc. with Nancy Salzman, one of the world’s top trainers in the field of human potential. The company advances human potential and ethics through personal and professional development programs, corporate trainings, and a comprehensive personal and professional coaching program. At the heart of the company is Rational Inquiry®, Keith Raniere’s revolutionary patent-pending technology designed to enhance performance in virtually every field of human endeavor.

The sixth paragraph names the various chapters of his cult which has been subsidized by the Bronfmans and assisted by the non payment of taxes for years.

Keith Raniere’s vision for humanity and human potential led him to found various other companies in the following years. In Spring 2003, he founded NXIVM Corporation, a seminal company for various other endeavors involving the creation of community-building spaces housing athletic, spa, and health and wellness facilities. He is the conceptual founder of Jness, a company started five years later to promote the furtherance and empowerment of women throughout the world. Late in 2006, he founded Rainbow Cultural Garden, a revolutionary child development program promoting children’s cultural, linguistic, emotional, physical and problem-solving potential. During 2007, Keith Raniere founded A Cappella Innovations, a non-profit organization seeking to advance music, the arts, expression and humanity through the a cappella genre. That same year he created Ultima® and with colleague and co-author Ivy Nevares now implements the program through her company, Nataraja. Ultima® is a multidisciplinary program designed for the advancement of human expression.

Seventh paragraph speaks of Raniere the author of little read, self published [vanity] books and contributor to obscure  

Since July 2005, Keith Raniere and Ivy Nevares have been special contributors to the scientific journal Conocimiento, a biweekly publication serving the academic, business and scientific community of the greater metropolitan area of Monterrey, Mexico. A special edition was dedicated entirely to Keith Raniere and his literary creations with Ivy Nevares. In August 2008, the authors published their first book—Odin and the Sphinx—the first in a series of collections of their articles. The following year they published the second book in the collection, The Sphinx and Thelxiepeia. Their third book in the series is forthcoming.

The eight paragraph like the sixth paragraph names chapters of his cult and possibly fraudulent foundations subsidized by the Bronfmans and assisted by the non payment of taxes for years. It also features a stunning lie by omission.

In 2007, Keith Raniere conceptualized the Ethical Humanitarian Foundation, a private, not-for-profit foundation supporting endeavors that promote embracing humanity, developing ethics, and moving humankind towards a more noble civilization. In August 2008, he conceptualized the World Ethical Foundations Consortium (WEFC), a non-profit initiative dedicated to building a compassionate, ethical humanity. The WEFC—supported by the Ethical Humanitarian Foundation—hosted its first major public event in the New York State Capital Region in April 2009. During the event, Keith Raniere introduced Human Essentials®, a comprehensive program for developing compassionate ethics and global communities. Because of this initiative, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama—Tibet’s head of state and spiritual leader—scheduled a public address, on Compassionate Ethics in Difficult Times, on May 6, 2009 in Keith Raniere’s home district of Albany, New York.

Ninth paragraph same as sixth and eighth

More recently, in September 2008, Keith Raniere conceptualized In Lak’ Ech—a civil non-violence movement in Mexico—after having met with a group of concerned citizens native to that country. This movement seeks to transform the violence gripping the social fabric of Latin America through active, non-violent protest and compassion.


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