Palm Beach Sun: Landlord complains of ’15 NXIVM women in sundresses with no undergarments’

Here is an article that I believe some readers have not  have seen. It is not new but is presented in keeping with the plan to inform readers about NXIVM and its leader Vanguard, AKA Keith Raniere.

This appeared in the Palm Beach Sun [date uncertain possibly 2010 {?}] and while it suggests Keith Raniere may have been in Palm Beach, Florida, no one can is saying for certain that they saw him…..

Here is the report:


Clare & Sarah BronfmanKeith Raniere

A man and his country………….Love cult guru Keith Raniere is at it again. I’ve told you how he has suckered in wealthy heiresses like the Bronfman sisters, Clare & Sarah, heirs to a billion dollar fortune originated by Seagrams booze, to his NXIVM”Group.” The Bronfman sisters have allegedly given over $200 million to Raniere’s group. Now a deposition given by Barbara Bouchey, a former lover of Raniere’s has blown the lid off his operation. Bouchey claims that Raniere was paranoid the government was watching him so he refused to get a drivers license or file taxes and encouraged his followers to do the same. Raniere considers himself a”higher power” than us normal humans and while Bouchey was serving his sexual needs he was also”intimately involved” with”at least 7 other women.” Raniere has allegedly been busy recruiting Native Indians, both women & men, hoping that when he has enough of them he can buy a huge tract of land and form his own”Indian” nation in America somewhere. The rumor is that Raniere recently fled his rented oceanfront home in Palm Beach after getting unwanted publicity and a visit from the landlord’s realtor who pointed out a section of the lease that made”operating a business” on the premises a violation that would result in”immediate eviction.” The realtor, who did not want her names used, told me “Raniere, if he was there, refused to show himself, and all I saw were about 15 women in sundresses with no undergarments on and bare feet who had moved all the furniture into the corner of the room so they could sit on the floor.”

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