Heidi Hutchinson: Raniere spoke truly on video: He ‘killed my sister’

Keith Raniere has many followers who believe he is an ethical and compassionate man with no peer in this world.
But not everyone appreciates him that way.
On Facebook I came across this Nov. 16, 2010 post by  Heidi Hutchinson.
She is commenting on the well known Raniere video where he says he has had people killed for his beliefs or theirs.
She posted:

“At 7:00, near end of video, this cult leader says, “I HAVE HAD PEOPLE KILLED FOR MY BELIEFS OR THIERS,” …I believe this man killed my sister. A beautiful young woman, who was unfortunately involved with him since the age of 15.”


Keith Raniere dated 15-year old Gina Hutchinson who he convinced to drop out of school and be tutored by him.  Her older sister, Heidi, told the Times Union that she caught Raniere sneaking out of her sister’s bedroom. Raniere explained that Gina’s “soul was much older than her biological age” and she was actually a Buddhist goddess who came to earth to be with him.

After Raniere convinced her that she destroyed her spiritual path by not maintaining sexual fidelity to him, Gina committed suicide on park grounds adjoining the Karma Triyana Dharmachakra Buddhist monastery in Woodstock, NY when she shot herself in the head.

NXIVM founder Keith Raniere American cult leader


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