Reader: Bill Cosby and Keith Raniere compared – and other curious items

A  reader writes

It really gets confusing who Investigator Rodger Kirsopp is protecting/investigating and I think we readers are just left with more questions then answers at times.

He helped Kristin Keeffe get into a domestic violence shelter. Yet she disappeared apparently without a word 6 weeks later.Smart girl KK is to leave no trace.

So, was Kirsopp playing Barbara Bouchey to get more fodder for Clare Bronfman and Keith Raniere to use against Bouchey in another stupid lawsuit? Who is playing who? It’s obviously out in the open that Kirsopp aided Keeffe so who can Clare and Keith bring their “complaints” to now?

We all know Keeffe spilled the company secrets so why are the wheels of justice at a stand still almost 4 years after the ODATO/GISH Times Union expose NXIVM is still operating.

And why are my taxpayer dollars paying for this?

35 women told their story to NY Magazine about the sexual predator that is Bill Cosby. Why haven’t Raniere’s girls broken ranks and gone to say, Suzanna Andrews of Vanity Fair. I am sure she would love to take this on or perhaps one of her colleagues would. Could it be because many of Raniere’s newest harem members are illegals from south of the border?, English isn’t their native language and they are scared of being left with nothing?

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