Ose, Meyers, Unterreiner urged to make deal: NXIVM perjury, computer trespass? Hint: Domains owned by Unterreiner

Karen Unterreiner

Clues are everywhere. Today’s clue is E-mallard.

Make the most of it.

Like many clues, this one suggests there was a conspiracy to commit fraud  – jurisdictional fraud – in the criminal computer trespass case NXIVM and Clare Bronfman pursued against Barbara Bouchey, Toni Natalie and Joseph O’Hara.

In the coming days I expect to show this quite evidently.

First a clue.


I want to try to help some gullible people escape taking the fall for Keith Raniere, if I can.

I want to give Karen Unterreiner, who I know, along with Ben Meyers and Steve Ose, a chance to inform the authorities what you were instructed to do by Raniere.

In this way you may avoid taking the fall for your Vanguard.

NXIVM was not likely truthful about  where the alleged computer trespass occurred. And it allegedly took some doing to fake it for the authorities.

Bear with me, readers.

For now – take a look at the list of domain names.

Soon enough, I will tie this all together.

Meantime, the three people named above, should know exactly what I am talking about….

Karen, Steve and Ben – if you need help and guidance to go to the authorities, you may contact me at 716-990-5740 or email me at frankparlato@gmail.com and I will help you reach the interested authorities.

You call will be kept confidential. You will not likely be prosecuted if you voluntarily admit what you were ordered to do, before I reveal it….

A simple visit to http://domainbigdata.com/name/e-mallard%20web%20corporation shows the domains owned by E-mallard corporation.


List of domain names registred by E-mallard Web Corporation

Domain Name Create Date Registrar
etholutionsinc.com 2007-11-06 publicdomainregistry.com
ethicist.info 2015-01-28 cloud group limited (r212-lrms)
ultimaeducation.com 2015-02-04 publicdomainregistry.com
keithraniere.com 2001-05-02 publicdomainregistry.com
nxivmsuccessstories.com 2013-05-29 publicdomainregistry.com
acapella-innovations.com 2007-10-28 publicdomainregistry.com
acappellainnovationsinc.com 2007-11-06 publicdomainregistry.com
axiologyinc.net 2012-09-17 publicdomainregistry.com
centerforethicaljustice.com 2007-11-06 publicdomainregistry.com
dalailamaalbany.net 2009-04-20 publicdomainregistry.com
emallardweb.com 2007-11-06 publicdomainregistry.com
ethicalhumanitarian.net 2008-06-11 publicdomainregistry.com
ethicalhumanitarianfoundation.com 2007-10-10 publicdomainregistry.com
ethicalsciencefoundation.com 2007-10-10 publicdomainregistry.com
ethicalsciencefoundation.net 2012-03-17 publicdomainregistry.com
etholutions.net 2004-09-24 publicdomainregistry.com
espian.net 2001-01-03 publicdomainregistry.com
generalservicepayments.com 2007-10-01 publicdomainregistry.com
executivesuccessstories.com 2010-12-30 publicdomainregistry.com
keitharaniere.com 2003-03-03 publicdomainregistry.com
keitharaniere.net 2010-06-24 publicdomainregistry.com
keith-raniere.com 2007-10-02 publicdomainregistry.com
keithraniereconversations.net 2011-12-21 publicdomainregistry.com
keithraniere-patentswitchingfc10.com 2008-07-02 publicdomainregistry.com
nxian.net 2003-11-19 publicdomainregistry.com
rainbowculturalgarden.com 2007-11-06 publicdomainregistry.com
psychologistsevaluations.com 2010-12-30 publicdomainregistry.com
sureholdingscompany.com 2007-11-06 publicdomainregistry.com
watchdogrewards.net 2010-06-24 publicdomainregistry.com
worldwidenetwork.net 2001-10-02 publicdomainregistry.com
worldethicalconsortium.com 2009-06-29 publicdomainregistry.com
world-ethical-foundations.biz 2008-06-05 (registration services) publicdomainregistry.com
raniere.us 2004-06-16 (registration services) publicdomainregistry.com
consumersbuyline.us 2003-09-18 (registration services) publicdomainregistry.com
nancy-salzman.info 2007-10-02 godaddy.com, llc (r171-lrms)
wwnetwrk.info 2012-01-09 godaddy.com, llc (r171-lrms)
theclearfoundation.biz 2014-10-07 (registration services) publicdomainregistry.com
keithranierequotes.net 2014-01-19 publicdomainregistry.com
official-esp.info 2007-10-02 godaddy.com, llc (r171-lrms)
officialesp.info 2007-10-02 godaddy.com, llc (r171-lrms)
successprogramsunlimited.info 2007-10-02 godaddy.com, llc (r171-lrms)
successprograms.info 2007-10-02 godaddy.com, llc (r171-lrms)
ultimaethicist.com 2015-02-04 publicdomainregistry.com
ultimascience.com 2015-02-04 publicdomainregistry.com
worldethicist.com 2015-02-04 publicdomainregistry.com
executivetrainingcompanies.com 2010-12-30 publicdomainregistry.com
reporterreporter.info 2007-10-10 godaddy.com, llc (r171-lrms)
worldethicalfoundations.net 2008-06-05 publicdomainregistry.com
watchdogrewards.com 2010-06-24 publicdomainregistry.com
theethicist.net 2008-11-05 publicdomainregistry.com
theethicist.com 2008-11-05 publicdomainregistry.com
rationalenquiry.com 2007-10-02 publicdomainregistry.com
rainbow-garden.biz 2007-10-02 (registration services) publicdomainregistry.com
rainbowgarden.biz 2007-10-02 (registration services) publicdomainregistry.com
principledproductsinc.com 2007-11-06 publicdomainregistry.com
nancylsalzman.com 2003-03-03 publicdomainregistry.com
mlmanalysis.com 2008-12-30 publicdomainregistry.com
keithraniere-patentswitchingdc25.com 2008-06-23 publicdomainregistry.com
keithraniere-patentswitchingd.com 2008-06-23 publicdomainregistry.com
keith-raniere-patentsleepa.com 2008-06-08 publicdomainregistry.com
keithraniere.net 2001-05-05 publicdomainregistry.com
keith-raniere.biz 2007-10-02 (registration services) publicdomainregistry.com
keithalanraniere.net 2003-03-10 publicdomainregistry.com
keithalanraniere.com 2003-03-03 publicdomainregistry.com
houseofequus.com 2007-10-10 publicdomainregistry.com
events4humanity.com 2007-11-06 publicdomainregistry.com
ethicalfoundations.biz 2008-05-25 (registration services) publicdomainregistry.com
emallardweb.net 2007-11-06 publicdomainregistry.com
emallard.net 2007-11-06 publicdomainregistry.com
crewholdings.com 2007-11-06 publicdomainregistry.com
clarebronfman.com 2007-10-02 publicdomainregistry.com
albanydalailama.com 2009-04-20 publicdomainregistry.com
yourethicist.com 2015-02-04 publicdomainregistry.com

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