Artists’ conceptions of Raniere with captions #2

Some of our readers were frankly disgusted by our earlier post which seem to mock the Vanguard Keith Raniere. It is no laughing matter that he is literally destroying the lives of many people.

Here is more art, with more captions, to show conceptions of the compassionate and ethical Keith Raniere.

east coast judo champ

Keith Raniere wins the East Coast Judo Championship at age 11 or was it 12?


1024x1024 (v1)
Raniere’s bio: His Consumers Buyline was a successful, honest business.
Raniere teaches with his shadow
Keith Raniere’s bio states he is an inventor. While he did not invent the above, its invention may well have been inspired by him.
Raniere’s bio does not state he is a pedophile. It does state he is an author. Here is a book he might consider writing.
‘You and I will have a female child and she will be an avatar….’
Teach ’em young about passion
Raniere provides photographic proof that he tied the New York State record in the 100-yard dash.
tax_fraud (1)
It’s what he do


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