Readers blame Bronfman for harm created by Raniere

Clare and Sara Bronfman.

One reader writes: It is the spitting and the sputtering out of the wicked source of the Bronfman money – illegal violent alcohol blood money – cursed through the years – that funds the Keith Raniere crime organization.

Shame to Clare and Sara Bronfman.

They were born and given the trust of dirty money extracted through the blood of scores of people and the intoxication of millions.

They stated that they would try to do something noble with this ugly money.

Instead they enabled a criminal.

Had it not been for people like Barbara Bouchey, Kristin Keeffe, Toni Natalie – true brave ones – incredibly brave women – (The Bronfmans are pampered cowards) who knows how many others would be destroyed with Bronfman money placed into the hands of the savage Raniere.

Raniere hurls his followers (but not himself)  on his enemies until they crack in twain (both followers and enemies), while he proclaims himself to be a compassionate hero and lover of the people.

Beware of the Vanguard.


Another reader writes:  Sorry, but the Bronfman sisters are just as culpable, if not the most culpable, for all of the actions they have allowed Raniere to perpetrate via their money. They are the enablers of this man, and they should be held just as accountable.


Another reader writes: Money buys all nowadays. Being a member of a Zionist or named elite also helps. Money is “God” to people nowadays. If you have enough money you can bribe your way to anything: malicious litigation, illegitimate prosecution, civilians in state prosecution offices, state police investigations, FBI investigations, etc.

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