Author’s inside view: Crockett wrong about Bouchey; Bronfmans, sadly, may be convicted for Raniere-led crimes

One of Clare and Sara Bronfman’s lawyers, Robert Crockett, wrote to Barbara Bouchey’s lawyer that Bouchey was the reason he won the case against Yuri Plyam.

“No sarcasm here,” Crockett wrote.

The case in question was a lawsuit by the Bronfmans against, Plyam, a Bronfman partner in a Los Angeles real estate venture set up and devised by the Bronfman’s ‘owner,’ Keith Raniere.

No sarcasm here.

With all due respect to Crockett, I doubt that Barbara Bouchey was the reason he won the Plyam case. The reason he won was that Plyam was guilty of absconding with about $10 million of Bronfman money, something that I uncovered, and something he proved to the jury.

That the Bronfmans would have been defrauded out of more from Plyam – a partner and best friend of Keith Raniere – had I not uncovered the fraud – is a matter of record in that trial.

Whether Raniere was in on the scam with Plyam or whether he was just deceived by misjudging the character of his so-called best friend [Plyam], is something that further investigation should determine.

The Bronfmans – self centered, a little selfish and spoiled (and, sadly, quite possibly, to be convicted criminals, thanks to their blind obedience to their sovereign, Raniere)  – could never genuinely appreciate anything anyone did for them, not if their master, Raniere, did not approve.  

I do not blame them for the evil they create for others by obeying their lord, Raniere.

They were captured mentally by Raniere.

I wish they would wake up and leave Raniere and turn state’s evidence – thus perhaps saving themselves from possible incarceration and reawakening the goodness in them that led them to Raniere.

It was probably good intentions, not bad ones that led Bronfmans to Raniere.

They are perhaps intelligent women, but no match for Raniere.

He has managed, through techniques he has mastered, to rule their brains, I think.

No sarcasm here.

Clare Bronfman, and her attorney, Crockett, thanked me during the Plyam trial for saving them millions and uncovering the fraud that Plyam perpetrated;, then they later went on to attack me. 

I realize this was done under the orders of Raniere.

That they have lost the ability to think independently.


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  • Sorry, but the Bronfman sisters are just as culpable, if not the most culpable, for all of the actions they have allowed Raniere to perpetrate via their money. They are the enablers of this man, and they should be held just as accountable.

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

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