Raniere tells woman ‘My dance card is almost full’

Apparently the Vanguard (Keith Raniere) is not always successful with women he wants to bed. But he has some precocious lines. Maybe he should write a book: How to pick up women for polygamists. It might be a best seller.

A woman told me this story of how Raniere earnestly tried to bed her and make her one of his harem. She told me that he had, as far as she knew, seven women in his harem.

He told her candidly about other lovers.  Then he said, “My dance card is pretty full right now. I have room for only one more. That could be you.”

So what was the woman’s reaction?

She said, “He was trying to let me know that he could only have one more woman in his life – and it could be me if I was smart enough. I decided not to be his girlfriend and obviously he had room for far more than one on his dance card.”


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  • I think plenty of cards, containers, rooms, etc., are full in Raniere’s life…of the bullshyte he spews.




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