Bouchey affidavit #1: Insights into her rise in life and fall with Raniere/NXIVM


Here are some excerpts of the 2015 09 04  Bouchey Affidavit in her criminal computer trespass case….


  1. I was born and raised in low-income housing project in South Troy, NY.  My mother died suddenly of an aneurysm when I was eight years old, and my father was a severe alcoholic….. This created great adversity for me and my three brothers, one with Down syndrome and another mentally disabled. At an early age, I became very responsible, a caretaker of my brothers and the household, and began working at odd jobs to help out……
  2.  My father re-married and divorced three months later, and then put my two special needs brothers in institutions forbidding any contact.  But, I loved my brothers and abandoning them was not an option.  So, I stood up for them, and would see them often – even when punished.  By age twelve, my father realized my steadfastness, and finally agreed to let me see them if I never mentioned them in his presence—a promise I kept until age 24, when he died of cancer.
  3. ….
  4. …. After high school I landed a solid job working for the government as a secretary. But, at age 21…. I began community college, and became a waitress to support myself.
  5. By age 25, I decided to embark on a career as a financial planner, and continued to waitress at night to support myself.  My first year I made only $200 a month….. I went from seeing new clients sitting at their kitchen tables, to building a financial planning firm that not only was successful locally, but put me in the top tier of financial advisors in the nation.  I built a highly successful and respectable practice, staffed with 4 Certified Financial Planners, a CPA and various other qualified professionals….
  6. By age 40, I was financially independent with gross revenues exceeding $1 million annually, managing client assets of $90 million, my company valued at $3 million, and I had enough savings to retire…..I was a local town girl who achieved the American dream becoming a self-made millionaire, and did so through being honest, responsible, hardworking, and by helping others.
  7. …. I had great pride when funding and inspiring my third brother, Steven Bouchey, in 1990 to follow in my footsteps enabling him to also become a successful financial planner. Today, he manages a $270 million firm and is also a pillar of the business community.
  8. ….
  9. When my close childhood friend had committed suicide and I was separating from my husband, I had re-connected with a client, Nancy Salzman, who urged me to take part in a workshop in her company NXIVM saying it would help me with separation and grief.  Per Nancy and her colleagues, NXIVM had a patent-pending process to make the world a better place through ethics. ….
  10. Keith also pursued me romantically and we ended up in a relationship.
  11. Unfortunately, Keith, Nancy and their closest confidantes covered up his past history, including keeping secret exactly how Keith was prohibited from doing business in NYS by the Attorney General, and had been in violation of the law in 38 states when he operated his former business.  In the years to come at NXIVM, I asked questions and saw inequities with serious implications.  In time I discovered to my complete surprise that Keith had not just some human weaknesses — but major addictions.  In addressing these, more disturbing things began to surface.  It uncovered that Keith and his hierarchy were far from the ‘ethical’ ideals they were marketing, and Keith was not who they purported him to be.
  12. …. I tried to sever ties, after attempting to address the inequities to no avail.   I felt responsible to educate others why I was leaving because I had helped to grow the company, and coaching many.  This would become the impetus for Keith and his followers to begin a fierce negative propaganda campaign and legal attack against me.
  13. What eventually was uncovered about NXIVM and its leadership would make a mockery of everything I had thought, and sacrificed—including my life savings having been loaned in short term to Keith and Nancy.  After resigning and demanding they pay what was rightfully owed me, they knowingly made false claims that I was trying to extort money from them…..
  14. Keith and high profile members under his direction, Clare and Sara Bronfman (Heiresses to Seagram’s), began a fierce legal attack to silence me, and trying to force me to hand over records in my possession.  I decided to go through these records to uncover what they feared that I possessed, which when I finally did appears to be links to criminal activities (that could incriminate them).
  15. NXIVM and the Bronfmans would then draw me into six of their existing, unrelated legal cases for no legitimate reason at all, none that would manifest charges—but rather, to harass, threaten, and seek to destroy me as a credible whistleblower with their spurious lawsuits attempting to assassinate my character and falsely accuse me.
  16. Their malicious legal attack against me spans over 6 years, filing 7 lawsuits against me and dragging me into another 6 lawsuits against other detractors as a witness while falsely accusing me of conspiracy, appearing before 10 Judges in 4 states.  There has been over 800 court filings filled with salacious lies and fabrications—all in an effort to silence me….
  17. When using the civil courts didn’t remove my records, NXIVM and the Bronfmans then fabricated false criminal charges in this case, and was able to get me arrested as yet another tactic.
  18. I have been pulled into 26 local headline and countless national (Vanity Fair, Forbes,The Nation, and NY Post) controversial stories attempting to inform, and alert, the general public revealing highly disturbing things about NXIVM where I was once a pillar of the community. I have spent close to $600,000 in legal defense fees, and was forced into filing for temporary relief under Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.  I am still paying off the debt incurred to this day.  I have lost all my assets and a large portion of my clientele.  This has enormously damaged my reputation and company goodwill, with my Financial Planning Firm losing over $8 million in earnings since 2009 when they began legally attacking and besieging my character, wrongfully. This does not account for pain, suffering, medical bills, travel fees, and lost work time.
  19. Since my severing ties back in 2009, numerous investigative stories have been done and have revealed highly negative information about Mr. Raneire’s past such as: gambling addictions, accused of a Ponzi scheme by 23 Attorney Generals resulting in his company shutting down, possible tax evasion, money laundering, hiring illegal aliens, and sexual and psychological abuse.  Most disturbing were the six women who came forward alleging Mr. Raniere had sexual relations while they were between the ages of 12 to 15.  One woman at age 13 actually filed a police report….
  20. The 13 lawsuits I have been wrongfully dragged into have produced no judgement or ruling against me—no evidence of civil or criminal wrongdoing with most being dismissed…..





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