Tax Evasion: Inside NXIVM source talks about money laundering!

Are the authorities already looking into this? Or is this all unsubstantiated nonsense?

You be the judge.

A source tells me:

There are many people who have helped Keith Raniere, Clare Bronfman and Sara Bronfman move money.

Clare and Sara have actually become worried about all the bad press they get and they have been putting pressure on the group to find other rich people to contribute.

The Salinas children have been instrumental in helping to ‘clean’ cash in America coming from Mexico.

I am sure their father, former Mexican President Carlos Salinas de Gortari, does not know about it and is not involved because people around Keith have talked a lot about how important it is to keep it from the father.

In America, Jim Holland (co-founder of has used his millions to help Keith get money ‘laundered’.

I don’t know exactly how it works but I have been in and heard many discussions where his name was brought up and he has already sent a lot of money to Keith.

I don’t know how Holland gets the money to Keith but Keith, Clare and Sara have been very excited that maybe the press will see this as somebody new who has millions and is working with Keith, instead of just Sara and Clare.

They have also tried to shift attention to people like Allison Mack (actress) and Richard Branson (founder of Virgin companies) and other celebrities in the hopes that Sara and Clare won’t be seen as zombie robots who give Keith anything he wants, which is actually true. (They give him everything he wants.)

Jim Holland and his wife have been to Fiji and Mexico many times and I think that was part of the process of getting them to start using their money to help the cause.

I think they take a lot of people to these resort type places and make them feel comfortable and then convince them to help with cash. They never call it ‘laundering’ of course.

I heard Branson went to Fiji and he may help with cash too although I have not heard his name for a long time and I think he may have gotten away from the groups because he figured out what the scam is. But he could still be involved.

People like Sara and Clare and Nancy Salzman still throw his name around a lot even though he has not been to any group ‘functions’ in a long time that I know of.

Jim Holland seems like he is their highest hope right now. He and his wife are the rising stars. They are the only really rich people that I know of that have ever got involved sexually with the groups.

Keith, Nancy, Clare and Sara see look and him and his wife, Ana Lee, almost like trophies because they have become so involved and are so loyal. They are sort of being treated like royalty which only happens for the people who have given a lot of money. But there has been a lot of talk about how the Jim Holland money is helping the group get around some of it’s ‘tax problems’. I have never heard that kind of talk about any of the other people who have given money to the groups so that makes some of us think it is being hidden.

Keith, Clare and Sara are well aware of how much tax trouble they are going to face and they are doing anything they can to ‘clean the books’ before it all comes out.



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