Blast from the past: Forgotten post from NXIVM insider to Sara Bronfman

As part of the ongoing effort to help people make informed decisions about whether or not to join NXIVM, I am posting as much relevant information as possible. I am hoping to make the NXIVM section of the frankreport a comprehensive site for people to visit and learn enough to make informed decisions.

John Tighe operated a blog called Saratoga In Decline. Subsequent to his arrest and conviction his website went down and much of the material he posted was lost.

Here is one post from someone who appears to have been on the inside.

A thoughtful reader preserved this and sent it to me and I am re-posting it here:


MARCH 30, 2012 10:44 AM [Saratoga in Decline]:

Anonymous said…


You should have gone with your initial gut instinct about this group and not let them convince you to wear the scarf. Your gut is always right. Your body knows before your head does when there’s a problem. Learn to listen to yourself.

It’s one of the many “yeses” they get you to agree to (classic sales technique) until you give them the big one – put me in your will (for you anyway).

You were someone of value to them (i.e. wealthy, don’t make the mistake of thinking it was about you). Your dissension, i.e. suppressiveness was met with a very special private group em session or one on one with Nancy where they convince you it’s your issue, as was likely your experience. You came back a few days later in tears with the scarf on apologizing to the group for disrespecting everyone or some nonsense like that. It was pretty disappointing to see you had given in. I respected you for standing up for what you believed in … until you caved …

I was told by Nancy, in front of an entire group of people, that defiance is one of the most destructive character traits a person can have – more manipulation. (Their agenda is woven throughout what they euphemistically call their “curriculum”.) I would argue that defiance can also present as a survival instinct, which they are systematically attempting to short circuit. Their game is to shut your critical thought processes down to where you are totally second guessing and doubting yourself and follow them without question.

Worked on you and Clare didn’t it? You two were the perfect victims for them to exploit. See how persistencies pay off? They got ALL your money.

Have they ever taken responsibility for ANYTHING? It’s all deflected. They get what they want if you’re gullible enough to continue playing.

Don’t you understand how this all works? How they rope you in??? Read a book or two or three about how cults work. I know they tell you not to read books, the answers aren’t in books…more nonsense.

Yeah … Keith and Nancy have all the answers. She said once to think of them as parents. I digress, a book could be written about all the shit they shovel …

The intensives … it’s group hypnosis led by a trained, certified hypnotist. They don’t want trained mental health professionals in there for a reason. I had seen people come out of those ready to leave their families and loved ones behind, and many did.

I overheard a couple of coaches arguing once at an intensive about who had to take care of their baby who they were apparently struggling to take care of while “working” as coaches at the intensive. The child was in the building being passed around to various baby sitters so the parents could do their oh so important work. Coaching the intensive was more important than caring for THEIR BABY. I use the word “working” loosely … no one gets paid for coaching. In fact, you are required to give them so many (more unpaid) hours a month in service to them for the privilege of being a coach, which you earned by recruiting. It’s all so twisted and sick. And it’s not projection … sometimes things just are what they are.

The things that are said about this group are not baseless Sara. Wake up and get your money out of their hands. Do something worthwhile with it.

You took a wrong turn. They got you when you put that scarf on. You don’t need them. Do some real good in the world with your money.



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