Readers comment on Raniere, his harem, his mendacity

Many people who contact me are paranoid and frightened.  Many of my correspondents are anonymous.  They are afraid of Keith Raniere.

Some of them are relatives or current members; some are ex members.

Some sign their true name; some don’t.

I can guess who some of them are even without trying. But I honor everyone’s desire for confidentiality. Raniere is quite capable of ruining people’s honest lives.

While he likes to think (or pretend) he is a stalwart of justice – wreaking havoc on others, he seems to ignore his own role in the injustice.

Most of it fomented by his extraordinary lies.


He uses the Bronfman millions to advance his vengeance with a punishing ax (on the heads of mainly of women).

Who knows among the people who contact me may be Raniere himself.

Here are excerpts from recent emails:


I saw Raniere and his ‘Stepford wives recently.  He looks the same but now has shorter hair and is greyer.  He has a distinctive walk.



At one point 60 Minutes or Dateline was going to do a piece on Nxivm and Raniere. The day John Tighe was driving around and Keith ran into the woods and captured it on video. Tighe was with a guy whose name was Ben N.

A neighbor of Raniere’s was in touch with Tighe that day and told him which way they were walking.

A number of people were supposed to be interviewed off the record but evidently Ben’s legal team was looking into a bunch of stuff and it appears they quashed any expose. Probably threatened with legal action.


Fucking Preet Bharara goes after Internet poker but does nothing about a money laundering tax evading cult run by a narcissistic pedophile


There is no way Keith Raniere won the NY state 100 yard dash back in high school. A male classmate of mine went to states during those years and there were no white kids in the 100 who won. As a matter of fact i believe it was a kid from Mt Vernon high school who did.I ran track and field (distances) back in the day and at one point had the results of the state meets. Dang pre internet days. I will also bet dollars to donuts that Karen U who has an RPI degree and Kristin Keeffe probably have a higher IQs then Keith.


I am a live and let live kind of person. i could care less about the polyamory and if you are dumb enough to spend your life savings on a Scientology or Landmark knock off cult all the more power to you. But I call into question organizations where you in effect give up your free will, contact with family etc.


There is a reddit forum on NXIVM its shut down for posting currently. But there are indications within those threads that  Keith has been active on the Reddit  BITCOIN  boards. From what i have pieced together he may actually have made some very successful investments (would be a first) in Bitcoins.


Hi!  First, I’d like to say thank-you for investigating this cult. I knew in the beginning that this was a cult when —– tried to get me to take one of the classes and I would have to sign something stating that I would not be able to reveal anything that I “learned”. I’m hoping that some day soon, that this cult will be legally investigated and abolished which will probably be the only way —– will get out of it.

The few times I have seen —- while — has been associated with this cult, —- is nothing like — was before.
….I know there is probably more going on than what you print…..  Is there anything we could do to get —- out of NXIVM?

I would appreciate any information you could provide.


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