NXIVM Real Estate; List of Properties

Below is a link to a list of real estate owned by NXIVM/Nancy Salzman for Keith Raniere and under Raniere’s control as of 11-23-2007.

This document was used for obtaining financing when Raniere had blown through more than $100 million of the Bronfman’s money and they were scrambling to borrow money to get him more.

It shows the amount paid, when it was purchased, in what name the property was titled and the estimated market value.

It is believed that the Bronfmans gifted the money to Salzman to purchase the properties.  It is not known if Bronfman and/or Raniere/Salzman reported the transactions on their respective income taxes properly.

2007 11 23 NXIVM Albany PROPERTIES LIST.pdfalbany

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