Holly Trexler was special prosecutor.

Source: Lies alleged by Clare Bronfman, Ben Meyers in civil/criminal computer trespass case

A source tells us, “there were many lies that Clare Bronfman, [director of operations for NXIVM] made in the civil computer trespassing case

The case was recently thrown out because Clare was caught in a lie that effected the statute of limitations.

The attorney for Vanity Fair did a great job of pointing these out to the Courts but to date the press has not reported on these lies.

These need to be exposed. The documents are all on Pacer. One has been removed but it was up for a few days but it’s one that points out what Clare and Ben Meyers said at one time and then said at another time.

It’s pretty damming.

Ben Meyers, who is NXIVM main witness in this case, is now married to Nancy Salzman’s youngest daughter, Michelle. Ben has lied several times in both the Civil and Criminal case and if either of these cases ever made it to a point where he would ever be deposed, Ben Meyers would be exposed for the lies he was ordered to tell for what you have coined “His Master” Vanguard.

Ben Meyers also misrepresented himself as a computer expert to the State Police and Special Prosecutor Holly Trexler, but didn’t come right out in a clear way saying he was a NXIVM “Insider” .

If you ask me, seems like some inside baseball being played with the selection of who would finally be picked as the special prosecutor (Trexler) in this case after so many authorities turned this case down.

Trexler is a former Assistant District Attorney who used to work under NXIVM attorney Mike McDermott when he worked in the DA’a office.



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  • No doubt turning down prosecution because of the Bronfman name and their deep pockets. Also, it sounds like the choice of a prosecutor is a conflict of interest to me.




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