Reader: NXIVM, Salzman don’t pay taxes, but aren’t shut down

NO bullshit here.

A reader writes: I think the reason Raniere isn’t a figurehead for NXIVM is that he cannot legally be running a network marketing company as per his agreement with the state of NY.*

If the State of NY was to examine NXIVM commission payout they would find it is [multi-level] network marketing even though NXIVM denies this when asked by their members how it’s different from other network marketing companies.

NXIVM preaches multi level marketing to be unethical even thought they do it themselves.

In order to remain under the radar with the State of NY Raniere pretends he isn’t involved, but really runs & controls the company.

Nancy Salzman owns the company but doesn’t pay NY State or Federal taxes for NXIVM. Why is it, even after being turned in by several people, that she has not been held accountable?

NXIVM isn’t even supposed to be doing business in NY since their business license has been shut down for not paying taxes, but still they run a business plus use the courts’ resources to do their harassment?


*Raniere entered into a consent decree with the New York State Attorney General in the 1990’s after allegations of fraud led to the closing of his Multi-Level Marketing business, Consumers Buy Line. The agreement required Raniere to not operate any ‘illegal’ multi level marketing businesses in the future.


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