Reader has insights into Raniere and his followers

A reader writes about some of Raniere’s dubious claims and has other insights of interest:

Thankfully Track and Field has records that are kept.

I know nothing about Judo, but imagine there would be some kind of record keeping for that sport similar to Golden Gloves etc.

When I think of great problem solvers, I think of people like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates etc. Go onto a website like Quora and ask who great problem solvers are and nowhere is Keith Raniere mentioned.

My guess is the frightened people are ones who fear some kind of legal recourse for their involvement or family members’ involvement.  Think of the psychological toll of losing your belief system plus for the women who have given their lives up to Raniere and have no skills to function in the real world.

What the fuck are they going to do with their lives when it comes tumbling down?

One of the top poker players in the world, Daniel Negreanu, got involved with some Life Coaching/Large Group awareness cult within the last few years. The poker media and others who are players basically call Daniel a cult member out on twitter, poker forums, etc. It’s actually pretty funny.

Actually a few years before that a lot of the top players were using a man named Sam Chauhan who is a mind-set coach.  Now mind you a lot of these were guys whose partying got in the way of their playing.

Sam did have some amazing results getting players like Antonio Esfandiari and Phil Hellmuth to focus on healthy lifestyle and positive mental attitude etc. But a lot of people really think of Sam as a big fraud too.

My point is groups and cults and life coaches will always have a market for the sheeple who can’t get out of their own way or are lost souls trying to find answers to questions that have none.

I hope you can really peel away the layers of the onion of NXIVM during your case. I hope you get a fair trial and once and for all, and Clare Bronfman and NXIVM gets hit with an Anti-SLAPP censure.


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