Reader: Raniere uses Jness to find new concubines?

One of our readers writes about Jness:

“As Susan Donnes stated in a deposition, Raniere uses these trainings to stalk women in order to find new sex partners. He’s created a cult that uses a Multi Level Marketing human potential coaching organization as a front for his women to pimp for him and Jness is the arm that he uses.”

For readers who do not know, from about 2003-2009, Susan Dones was the owner of the Tacoma NXIVM center; she was a field trainer; and proctor; she instructed Ethos classes, was a salesperson, and, for a time, a head trainer.

She also participated in the filming of a well known video of the Vanguard, Keith Raniere, posted on youtube, where Raniere mentions that people have died for his beliefs and that he has had people killed for his beliefs.


K Raniere 4 brighter
This photo of the Vanguard Keith Raniere is from the video where Keith Raniere speaks of people being killed for his beliefs. 

And she once wrote, “Rational Inquiry trainings are used as a venue to stalk their students to who might fit into Raniere’s profile of sexual conquests and who might be willing to give Raniere money.”

She said, “Based on the number of women that I suspected that Keith Raniere had sexual relationships with … And just based on the fact that these women (who had money) were made what I believe would be identified as special within the curriculum.”

Dones spoke of much more than Raniere’s mere sexual appetites but also alleged knowledge of tax fraud committed by NXIVM and Nancy Salzman.

susan dones
Susan Dones seems to know quite a bit about the inner workings of NXIVM




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