Master Raniere rarely if ever appears at a class for beginners.

Reader: ‘Puppet Sex Women’ are hypnotized to join Raniere?

Keith Raniere awaits the pleasures his females may afford him. Serve him as the acolyte serves her unseen God.

A reader comments,”Of course Raniere teaches marriage is based on inner deficiency. He doesn’t want the women he stalks to think about marriage so they can be hypnotized to join his inner circle of puppet sex women. What a loser.”

Is it so?

Or are the women happier sharing Raniere than having a monogamous relationship?

Many of the sex slaves of Raniere come and go. But many seem to stay.

The ones who have left – seem – one and all – to have horror stories about Raniere’s cruelty, although he was loving – even if deceptive.

The Vanguard however is loving when he is worshiped , but he is a jealous god who wreaks destruction on his female enemies (and former lovers), these women say.

Abandon all hope ye who enters into a relationship with the Vanguard, the women who loved him and left say.

Can we believe them?






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  • It was stated in some deposition that one of Raniere’s pimp women – maybe Lauren Salzman – tried to convince one of those who he had sex with who thought she was in a monogamous relationship with him, that “no one owns Raniere’s penis” or that “sex is like a game of chess” or something to that effect. I don’t know about the last one, but the first one is certainly true. That’s because Raniere’s penis owns him.



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