More on the ‘killing’ in Mexico; death by following Raniere’s advice?

My recent post about the Lebaron family being involved in NXIVM shed new light on “a thread” at least one reader “has been chasing for quite a while.”

It is a fact that in Mexico, the kidnapping for ransom of people from rich/powerful families is a big business.  It also seems to be a fact that NXIVM in Mexico successfully targets the rich and powerful, even more so than in the US.

There is a four year old trailer on Vimeo for the Mark Vicente (NXIVM inner circle member) documentary movie “Encender el Corazon”  (translated: Ignite the Heart”) about the “in lak’ech” Mexican nonviolence movement that has strong NXIVM connections.

There is some background in

Apparently the Vanguard, Keith Raniere, and his disciple, Emiliano Salinas, started the “in lak’ech” movement/program in 2008.

Mark Vincente, a disciple of the Vanguard

In 2009, a Lebaron family teenager was kidnapped for ransom, at the same time as much of the filming for the Vincente film.

It’s not clear if the timing was coincidence, or the filming started to show the response to the kidnapping. (Raniere has access to enough money, and his personal film-maker Vicente, to make that possible).

There are scenes of Raniere appearing to try to be quite Gandhi-esque and advocating nonviolent resistance.

There are scenes of the elder Lebarons following the advice, being defiant about the kidnapping, and not paying the ransom.

Apparently the teenager was released.

According to one source familiar with Raniere, “There were high-fives all around the NXIVM community. Vanguard was heroically right, and on film!”

Except the kidnappers (or someone) killed one of the elder Lebarons later.

“So there wasn’t a triumphant proof of Raniere’s philosophy after all,” my source says. “And that killing is what Raniere was talking about (in the 2009 video mentioned in our earlier post).

The Vincente movie seems to be in permanent post-production (filming done but not released). Vicente says its due to lack of post production financing. Which is obviously silly: if it would demonstrate Vanguard’s genius, Clare Bronfman would provide whatever money was needed!

The real problem, one suspects, is that it is just another demonstration that Vanguard isn’t really all that smart!

Following his advice people lose $70 million in commodities, they enter into a real estate deal with a partner who swindles them, they initiate lawsuits to shut people up which result in horrendous revelations of criminality and bizarre behavior which, had the lawsuits been avoided and the small voice of critics been ignored would have come far closer to the desired result – of not hainv the intense criticism of Raniere available everywhere in shocking detail.

And now following Raniere’s advice got someone killed.

“Although at least in this case,” my source said, “he actually was trying to do something decent, albeit to help his privileged NXIVM friends, and to be filmed being heroic.”


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About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

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