Reader Asks: Is Ludwika Paleta Ready for Polygamy?; What # wife is Clare Bronfman?

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Keith Raniere created a women’s group called Jness which is said to promote polygamy as a solution to women’s problems with men.
Is Ludwika ready for polygamy? Raniere has taught that monogamy is outdated.

The Vanguard, Keith Raniere, created an organization for women called ‘Jness.’ Jness is said to teach women to embrace polygamy.

On  January 29- 31, 2016, in Buffalo NY, there will be a Jness introductory training called “Weekend”.  The “Head Inducta” and organizer of the “Weekend” event is Megan Mills Hoffman. The cost is $550 plus the cost of a year’s membership which is $600 (for a total of $1150) according to the Jness website.  

One or our sources with experience with Raniere raised some questions and made some interesting points about Jness, Emiliano Salinas’ wife,  Ludwika Paleta, Clare Bronfman and the Vanguard, himself, Keith Raniere, the self-proclaimed teacher of a new ethic for humanity.

Our source says:

Google Jness Buffalo.

Seems Jness is holding a weekend training in Buffalo sometime this January. What the hell is an “Inducta”?????

What woman would want to take a “women’s training” designed by a radical misogynist like Raniere? What women wants to be hypnotically induced to find her true nature is –SISTER WIFE?

Raniere teaches polygamist-style relationships are the primary solution to all problems in the battle of the sexes. I wonder what Emiliano Salinas’ wife thinks of this? Is he already grooming her for a sister wife?

What number wife is Clare Bronfman? CLEARLY she’s only – at best – #3 or #4 most favored wife of Raniere’s – on a good day. How does she explain to family or friends who visit her, why she is the one paying all the bills and doing most of Raniere’s work for him while he romances Marianna Fernandez (most favored wife, i.e. #1 wife) in full view. Oh right, she doesn’t have family or old friends visit. How can she? It’s not rational or explainable. EXCEPT to sister Sara who FLUNKED out of Raniere’s Sister Wives Club.

At least Clare can rest in the reassurance of her spiritual superiority over Sara. Clare made the grade. Sara did not. Like all of Raniere’s wives, Clare believes the ongoing anointment of Raniere’s penis makes her spiritually superior and therefore magically more ETHICAL than other mere mortals – especially Sara – regardless of her actions.

That’s enough to make it ALL worth if for Clare.

Be prepared Ludwika (Paleta). Sister wives, around the corner……A few more Intensives and you’ll accept them willingly.

Is Clare Bronfman (l) higher ranking than her sister, Sara?
Ludwika Paleta (above) is a popular Mexican actress married to Raniere-acolyte Emiliano Salinas.  


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  • As Susan Donnes stated in a deposition, Raniere uses these trainings to stalk women with in order to find new sex partners. He’s created a cult that uses a MLM human potential coaching organization as a front for his women to pimp for him and Jness is the arm that he uses.

About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

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