Mormon Polygamists support Raniere

According to one of our sources, the Mormon Lebaron’s of Colonia, Mexico, are involved in NXIVM.

There is a story in Salon about the group (without NXIVM  references) where it is suggested that “polygamy stunts a women’s mind…… and is especially hard on women and children”.

A review of the social media feeds of Lebaron/NXIVM followers are interesting.

Check out Amber’s tweet from Julian Lebaron, current leader of the Mormon’s in Colonia MX.

Julian who is a DEVOUT follower of Raniere (and it is said he possesses a brother polygamist love) tweets to Amber .

“Las armas no son el problema ni tampoco la solucion. El miedo es lo que se tiene que atender.”

Would this translate to “guns are not the problem. It is fear that we have to conquer/confront.”

tweets to Amber, “Walls are built of concrete to separate us, leading to even higher walls of fear & ignorance.”

Aniother link worthy of attention is:

Sara Bronfman tweets that fear is the problem; what is the solution to the world’s dreadful fear? Is it polygamy?

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