Eyewitness poses questions/gives answers: Why did Raniere and his harem lie about his son?

(You have to wonder about an executive success program (NXIVM) that has its students bow to the leader and call him “Vanguard.”  You have to wonder even more when that Vanguard has to construct elaborate lies about his life to keep them bowing.

 As I wrote in Rainere is father of ‘adopted’ child who fled cult with mother; Raniere fathered a child with one of his inner circle female followers, Kristin Keeffe.  Instead of admitting it, he and some of his inner circle women, including the mother, told Raniere’s students and followers a lie.

The story was widely told in NXIVM village (and elsewhere) that Barbara Jeske, (an inner circle NXIVM member) had an old boyfriend who married someone else and (2006) whose daughter died giving birth to a child whose father was unknown. The grandfather called his old flame, Jeske, to ask her to raise the child.

As the fiction went– Jeske and Keeffe (the real mother), traveled to Ann Arbor, Mich., to get the baby, days after his birth, and brought him to Albany.  Today, an ex NIVXM member, who was there at the time, and heard the lie fresh off the liars’ lips, writes of what he/she witnessed:

I was at the training where Barbara Jeske made the BIG announcement of how a friend of hers had a daughter who had a baby and then died and they couldn’t take care of the baby.

They wanted Barbara Jeske to take the baby and raise it.

My first thought was “WOW, Barbara doesn’t have a mothering bone in her body.”

I remember Nancy Salzman smiling in the background and Karen Unterreiner having pictures of the baby on her desktop computer’s background and telling stories of how they were all helping to raise the baby.

When I found out that this was a lie made up to hide the fact that Rainere had fathered a child, I asked myself, “WHY such a lie?”

What is the downside to people knowing he is was father – scratch that – sperm donor (it takes more to be a father.)?

Let’s count the ways.

  1. How many women would react when they found out they were not going to bear his “wonder child” (as they were promised)?
  2. How many women would react when they found out they were not his “special woman” as he told them?
  3. How many new women would now refuse to have sex with him now that he couldn’t use the line “you’re the only one for me?”
  4. What would the community think now that they knew he had human needs and he wasn’t God like?
  5. With the sex thing out in the open, does it makes the sex/cult thing more out in the open? If he was open about being sexual with a group of women, I wouldn’t have given a penny of my money or spent a minute of my time with them. Not in my value system. So they lie and justify it by saying people are just not “integrated” enough to understand this concept.

It’s what he does.

Raniere is a slimy liar in my opinion, he and his group of slimy women who pimp and lie for him.

barb jeske, karen unnerrienr pam cafrityz
Three of Raniere’s inner circle of women. L-R Barbara Jeske, Karen Unterreiner and Pam Cafritz.
Barbara Jeske lied for Keith Raniere when she said Raniere’s son was an orphan.

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About Frank Parlato

About Frank Parlato

Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in major publications all over the world, including The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CNN, Fox News, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, and more.

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