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Reader wants to know about Kruek and Raniere

This just in from a Kristen Kruek fan
I’ve been reading your NXIVM articles with interest on I have a question for you that you may want to answer in a post on your site. The reason I’ve been reading your articles is I used to be a Smallville fan and I heard it through the grapevine that two of the stars of the show belonged to NXIVM: Kristin Kreuk and Allision Mack. I was wondering if you knew anything in particular about their involvement and perhaps may write an article about it if you did. From what I can glean, it seems like Allison Mack is heavily involved with JNess and may be having an intimate relationship with Keith Raniere. I heard that Ms. Kreuk was pretty involved a while ago but has somewhat disassociated herself from the group due to all of the negative publicity. Can you provide any more information on them through your website?
Do any readers have any information about Kruek and Mack?
A Cappella Innovations was a concert funded by Clare Bronfman to expose the musical genius of Keith Raniere’s A Cappella NXIVM singing group Simply Human. It was hosted by Kristin Kreuk, Allison Mack, and Nicki Clyne and was held in Albany, on December 1st, 2007.  It was poorly attended, drawing only a couple of hundred attendees (mostly NXIVM members) and mostly empty seats at the Egg, (The Empire State Plaza’s Center for the Performing Arts.)
For an interesting story about the A Cappella aspects of Keith Raniere’s teachings see link below:

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