Reader comments on Raniere’s lie regarding his fatherhood


A reader comments on Raniere our story  Rainere is father of ‘adopted’ child who fled cult with mother; Raniere claimed ‘mother died giving childbirth, father unknown’

So I guess that Bouchey and the inner circle was told the lie (and Keeffe would have to have been put in hiding during the pregnancy).  Bouchey repeated what she had been told to James Odato in 2010 for the Albany Times-Union article, the other sources that the NY Post had were all anonymous insiders also repeating the lie, and Jeske (who retired to Florida and has since died, repeated the lie to her own mother.

I’m thinking, though, that the stories saying that Jeske was the initial caregiver instead of Keeffe are true.

Because Rainiere’s “Rainbow Cultural Garden” concept is always described as having the child NOT bond to a mother, but rather have multiple caregivers, all speaking different languages.

Here’s a quote from

“Picture a mother who spends ten to twelve hours a day with her child: There are times when she’s tired and worn, and times when she must urgently deal with situations. Even with the best of intentions, she’ll likely experience impatience, mood swings and reactions around her child. Experiencing these things firsthand, the child can come to inherit the mother’s idiosyncrasies, problems and moods. But imagine multiple caretakers who are always fresh, attentive, engaged and only concerned with the child’s well-being: this child isn’t exposed to the tired, inadvertent violence of a one (or two) parent system of childrearing.”

Raniere’s parents divorced and he was raised by his mother, who is sometimes described as a drunk.  I’m wondering if the quote is Raniere, bitterly describing his own childhood.

It may explain why he’s such a sociopath….

I still wonder if Raniere thought he was infertile (because he wasn’t having kids despite all the sex) and really does have low fertility (just not quite zero).  So he really did identify with the Mule character, who was sterile.

Then Kristin Keeffe’s pregnancy came as a surprise.

And maybe she wasn’t his first choice for the mother of his heir.

Or maybe he had promised too many other women that they would be the mother of the Chosen One.

Hence the elaborate lies.

Twisted guy….

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