Authorities should focus on alleged crimes committed with Bronfman millions ‘loaned’ to Raniere; But will they?


Keith Raniere appears in a video to explain ethics.

So what?

If sisters, Clare and Sara Bronfman, want to piss away $160 million supporting the NXIVM cult and Keith Raniere’s gambling activities, what’s wrong with that?

Even if Raniere did steal from the Bronfmans – set up secret commodities accounts, for instance, and used it to profit from the $65.6 million in losing commodities’ trades that, Raniere, the so-called smartest man in the world, advised the Bronfman sisters to make (and thus swindled them of their money), if the Bronfmans are content – indeed blissful – why should anyone else be concerned?

Perhaps the answer lies in shifting the focus away from the pampered, and self-indulgent Bronfmans and look instead at the possible illegalities funded via the Bronfman sisters’ “loans” to Raniere and the companies he controls.

Look at the transfers from a tax standpoint.

Calculate what NXIVM/First Principles/Raniere/Salzman/Bronfmans have evaded in taxes.

Former NXIVM insiders, familiar with details of the Bronfman sister’s “loans” to Raniere, calculate that $20 to $30 million in personal, corporate and gift taxes have been evaded by calling these transfers “loans.”

When we look at the illegal activities Bronfman funds were allegedly used to support (e.g., illegal immigration activities; purchasing bank records of Federal judges; numerous violations of federal and New York State laws concerning not-for-profit entities; importing underage women for Raniere; etc.) one is almost compelled to ask, “Why hasn’t anyone put an end to his craziness?”

The answer may lead to the legal and political influence NXIVM and Raniere have amassed.

How is it possible that the Internal Revenue Service and the NYS Department of Taxation & Finance have ignored the fact that NXIVM and Raniere are have failed to file tax returns for years?

Why have the local U.S. Attorney in Albany, the NYS Attorney General, and the NYS Police failed to undertake an in-depth investigation of NXIVM and Raniere even though they have been provided with detailed information concerning those entities alleged illegal activities?

As we continue to pull the veils away, in our Cult of NXIVM series, the answer to the questions posed above will become apparent.


Despite their great wealth – and willingness to share it with those in power  – it is not clear if the Raniere/Bronfman enterprises are immune from prosecution. While they readily pay for indictments of their enemies, have they paid enough to make them immune from prosecution?


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